Like before, just better



Originality in harmony with a nature

Portugal is world’s biggest producer of cork so it’s not a surprise that ones of typical Portuguese products are cork articles. Surprising is how many things can be made from cork and how beautiful they look like. Cork handbags, jewelry or for instance shoes are not only interesting because of their extraordinary appearance they have also long lasting lifetime, are light as well as very resistant and easy to maintenance. What’s more, it’s not just a fashion thing. Cork is 100% natural materiál which is renewable. When you choose gift made from cork, you’ll also give a respect to our nature. Cork products in our offer are here.

Classic but good

Good meal and drinks belong inherently to Portugal. A speciality is port wine which si an essential part of Portuguese lifestyle. In this wine there is a piece of history, tradition, touch of Portuguese sun as well as beauties and wildness of a nature in a valley of Douro river. The place where port wine comes from. Besides port wine we offer also red, white or “green“ wines (vinho verde, literally green wine, is gently sparkling young white wine) and variety of delicacies for gurmans such as fish pate, jams or chocolotes.  Make your christmas gifts even more unusual and give together with them also time which you will spend with your loved ones. Why not for example with glass of wine or something good to eat.